The Kingdom

So I have my throne
High atop the emotions below
A king’s heart you now own
My heart is true you must know

With time our love grew
Years of testing for this day
Yet our hearts touching new
These souls now together found their way

Fragile hearts are not tame
Their way and desire cannot be led
This path is for the kindred flame
Lay together in a cobbled bed

Run from the world stay with me
This kiss must never be seen
The shadow will not find those who flee
For sure the cry will never come

In a flash the heart is ripped
Now fear will have its way
Misled by hope the wings are clipped
For the subjects you must obey

Tonight my love begins to fall
Betray your heart for a greater cause
Your fate trapped within your own wall
Love hurt by the night’s claws

So now this king sits in his land
No queen for any day
Alone with the sword in his hand
So he kneels and starts to pray

The end has come to the tale
One alone in his throne
Another heart he did fail
All he says “I am alone”

Written By

Frank H. Criscione "Cione"